Thursday, December 14, 2006

Drug using strip club owner opens new strip club in Akron Ohio.

The Club 1245 at 1245 Tallmadge Ave in Akron Oh was never a class A "Gentlemen's show bar and just another hole in the wall bar.
When, ever it rains you may feel something wet dripping on your head and not between your lop. The roof use to leak and last summer Cyrus B. Kurtz III who's the owner took his time to fix it after 3 years has gone by.
The girls are okay looking. They have zero tolerance on the customers propositioning their dancers in doing out side parties. Cyrus B. Kurtz would be the biggest offender of this rule when ever a girl wanted a job there. They would come under his advances for pleasuring the boss to an off site location. Any girl who refuses Gyrus's advances will accrue his wrath of firing. I'm surprised that he hasn't been hit with a class action sexual harrassment law suit. The proof of Cyrus's on the job dating comes from his old EX dancer/girlfriend "Charity" who he kicked to the curb last year. To, his latest dancer/girlfriend "Jen", Cyrus has been most generous in renovating an old restaurant into his newest strip club name after her "Jen's Den". He must really believe in promoting from with in his clubs.
I have the feeling that Jen was just as gracious between the sheets for her new bar, I've seen her dance for him as a dancer when she first started there and how she rocked his world. One time, he was so excited that he took off his shirt in front of the whole bar and let her lop dance all over him in the VIP room. I'm told the male customers got sick after seeing his hairy ass chest. The Club is only 2256 Square feet and was built in 1979. The previous owners were the Gross Family Limited from 1995 to 2005 then was sold to Cyrus B Kurtz III. Cyrus is not so poor,when he lives in Hudson Oh on 1818 Barlow Rd Hudson Oh, in a very rich area. The Club was raided back in Sept of 2006 by Akron Vice for drugs and prostitution violations. Each time his location had drugs and prostitution running wild soon after cames the violences. A man was found unresponsive outside the Club 1245 location in september 4, 2006 sunday 2:00 a.m.The victim was a Kenneth W. Motley 25, of Phillips Avenue. The assailants are still unknown.
Again in January 10, 2004 Cyrus's Nephew Joshua Fritz 24 tried to stop a robbery at the club by using a stun gun, but was shot behind the bar after robbers jump over the bar trying to take money out of the cash register.
Joshua was shot in the earlobe and was taken to Akron General Medical Center. The hospital has said that they show no records of him ever being there, The injuries were not life-threatening. It was three black men entering the club on a Thursday at 8:00 p.m. holding up the place as they held a red haired dancer at gun point threatening to blow her head off if anyone made a move on them.